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Hello, I'm

Known as the "coach behind the camera" I help people step into their future self enabling them to see their beauty, confidence and power by incorporating mind, body and spirit. Creating a photograph of who they are and what they bring to the table.

After a career in the fashion industry for over 23 years, I was laid off.


I had to reinvent myself.


Or better yet, I became myself. 


Always having a camera in my hand to capture a moment, preserve history or tell a story. I started Peek Photography to focus on women, especially women over 40, when I realized the beauty industry was making us invisible.


My mission is to show women that no matter their age, shape or size that they were beautiful, and needed to be seen, first by themselves and then the world.


I am my mother’s daughter. 


My mother was an entrepreneur before I know what the word meant. Having founded two successful business who employed women, she is my role model.

When I am not working with clients for new photos of themselves, I am creating fine art photography. Through my artwork I am able to express my passion for modern and abstract art. To learn more please visit


Outside of photography, I am passionate about social justice and am the Co-Chair of the Social Justice Committee of Temple Adas Israel in Sag Harbor. 

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